{ I will be taking care of Mysore program of Gibran Gonzalez Madrid who teaches in JivamuktiYogaParis on daily basis }

Monday – Thursday: Mysore Style 7 am – 10:15 am

Friday: Guided Practice 7:30 am – 9:00 am

Sunday: Mysore Style 8:00 am – 10:45 am


~ The Science behind the Trishtana method ~

Tristhana, three pillars of Ashtanga Yoga practice, are linked to concentration and a deeper sense of quiet within body and mind.

Established understanding  of the importance of calm breath, soft gaze and engaging bandhas brings both stability and lightness.

Thanks to them our asanas become a profound body-mind experience.

Knowing their connection to the nervous system and body’s anatomy helps to apply these tools in the most supportive ways.

During this workshop we will discuss in detail how to  access and support our autonomic nervous system and why it is so meaningful to how we practice. We will also explore the anatomy of breathing and connection to pelvic floor area. Learning about the pelvic floor brings clarity and understanding to what and where bandhas are. Our facial expression and way we control gaze helps to focus and release any existing tension.

Skillful use of these tools brings energizing quality and balance to the effort we put into physical action.

Tristhana embodied and rooted gives grace, ease and steadiness into our practice and everyday life.

~ Pelvic Floor Wisdom and Cycle Awareness~

Workshop for female practitioners, of every age, in every stage of life.

We will  start by discussing how our pelvic floor  can be connected to holistic women’s health.

Pelvic floor stores emotions, unprocessed stress and difficult experiences. It also responds to our day-to -day fatigue.

Disbalances of the area are common and understanding its symptoms can be truly helpful and lead us to either seeking professional advice or bringing change by applying more accurate habits.

You will learn about symptoms that can indicate dysfunction of the pelvic floor, and also about reasons  and solutions. Also in the context of daily yoga practice.

Cycle awareness helps us to navigate the energy levels changing monthly according to our menstrual phases.

Being committed to daily practice requires us to respect our body rhythms, energy changing towards the end of the week, moon days, seasonal weather patterns.

Menstrual cycle as an inner compass  can be a great wisdom and  a source of accepting and adapting to changes.

The meaning of pelvic floor and menstrual cycle are deeply connected and its health or imbalances impact each other.

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