Timeless Time

Timeless Time

“A true healer does not heal you; she simply reflects back to you your innate capacity to heal. She is a reflector, or a loving transparency.

A true teacher does not teach you; she does not see you as inherently separate from her, or less than her. She simply reflects back your own inner knowing, and reminds you of the vastness of your being. She is a mirror, a signpost.

And love is the space in which all of this is possible; love heals, and we learn best in a loving field, no threat of failure, no punishment.”

~ Jeff Foster

God lives in details. These were the first words of Sharmila I have read. My dear friend Natalia shared them on her website some time ago. They stayed with me since then…And when I met Sharmila earlier this year I realized where they come from, she indeed sees God in everything, in every cell of your body, piece of the heart and mote of the soul. She reflects the best in you. Shows without pointing what is the right thing to do.

When I practiced in her shala, each morning felt like magic. It was timeless, both in the way she passes along teachings of Guruji and the way she helps – in the most challenging moments I felt like time didn’t exist, I felt like I wasn’t there, but in a space of peace and love…

It’s my birthday morning and I couldn’t sleep through the night , kept waking up and feeling deep gratitude for the life I live.

Wisdom from teachers like her, this precious practice and the love that my partner, Wojtek gifted me with –  They are miracles on my life path and I hope with each  next step I will be able to share them in the purest way.

I’m already in tears , receiving wishes and love from all over the world. Thank you.

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