HER SADHANA: Victoria Rossello

HER SADHANA: Victoria Rossello

1 As a woman, a mother and a yoga practitioner, tell me what do you find the most important teaching you’ve discovered from this practice and what would you share to those who are on this path?

To be patient, everything comes at the right time and we dont have to force anything,
Whatever it has to be for you it will happen at the right moment and if its not for you
however you think it will be it wont … we just have to listen to our bodies, understand them,
understand the changes that women go through and learn with them, respecting us.
This practice has taught me to believe in myself and in how women can be so powerful.
and how you can heal both body and mind if you practice in a spiritual way.

2 What is Feminism to you? How do you feel women can support each other?

The feminine energy is very strong, we are capable of creating another human being , give
them form and life.

Women should be united accepting and adapting to the different cycles of life and we should
understand each other without competing since most of us go through the same phases in
our lives.
We should be able to teach our children the equality between feminine and masculine so
little by little we can create a world change and that the following generations see the
equality as something normal.

3 In ashtanga practice, how do you feel we can keep the community strong and supportive for one another?

Trying to keep up yoga throught the day not only in the practice of asana ..
not being critical of others and helping in any way even if its a little gesture , both to
people and to the planet..
Trying not to compare with any other women and unterstanding that there is only you , and
no one is going to be like you, and trying to control the feeling of  envy and comparison with other

4 With this practice we are constantly challenging ourselves  both mind and body. This requires a lot of self discipline, focus and consistency in our daily routine. In this moments we are opening ourselves up, we are vulnerable and  processing whatever emotions that rises. What would be your advice in these situations? What did you find helpful to you?

Stop and focus on the breath , many times when I am doing my asana practice I am trying
to be honest with myself and think about what is my purpose on the mat , why I am there day
after day and it is always the same to make me feel good, to heal me and to connect with my
inner sense …. there are times when life puts you in front of very hard situations which you
can not avoid  because of your karma they are going to be there…and you are going to
suffer .. This practice has taught me to take care of myself, to stop practicing when there is
a physical or mental suffering and try to breath only , with each inhalation and exhalation calming
my body and mind and focus on what happens inside me, what my emotions are , what do I
Breathing is life, it is what calms you and makes your mind more clear..

5 In this modern world we are surrounded by distractions, whether it’s the constant stream of negative news, social media and the perfectly manufactured image of how to liveness life, our appearance and body shaming. It has the power to knock us off balance. How do we nourish ourselves? How do we find acceptance?

Dedicating your practice to the present moment and be surrounded by people you really care
about, the ones you really want around. This makes my life more meaningful, makes the
energy around me always the one I want around.
There was a time when I stopped all my social networks, because I realized that they
distracted me a lot from what I wanted. It was a bad moment in my life and I could just see there
happiness and beautiful things and life really isn’t like that…sometimes things are difficult
and seeing the happiness of everyone doesn’t help me  much.. I think that all these
distractions make you go too far beyond the goals you have and you get to judge yourself
very much… I personally think that a person who is not going through a good time ,or doesnt
have a strong mind should try not to get distracted by these things beacuse social media
can be very dangerous at times.

6 Who are the women that inspire you, who are the women that you admire?

My daughter Lucia, unfortunately she died when I was 7 months pregnant, when things
started to go wrong, she was clinging to life until my mind fell apart. She made me see the
great capacity that our mind has -to achieve everything you want. The connection that you
can have with another being, she opened up many parts of me that I didn’t know existed,
she showed me what the  real love was . Whatever it is and whatever happens – she taught me to 
keep fighting until the last moment. It’s been the hardest time of my life, but meeting that
Soul was the best thing that ever happened to me. She has been my great teacher .

Sharmila Desai, she is a woman with the great capacity of seeing always the positive side of
things, no matter what you are going through, a sweet and loving woman.

Narvada Puri , I could meet her in India and she was wonderful, she left averything in Europe
and move to India to finding liberation at the feet of her Indian guru..

7 What are your daily rituals and routines that you feel ground you?

Of course my daily practice and my walks with may dog spot… I love to walk with him on
the beach in winter time, when is empty, i am sitting on the sand and look at the ocean and i
am so thankful for everything that I have in life.

8 What makes you feel safe and secure?

Staying with  people that I love.

9 Which element of nature do you feel most connected to?

The sea, calms and relaxes me…. listening to the sound of the sea and the waves on
the beach connect me to the planet.

10 Our energy is always shifting in our monthly practice, as female practitioners when we receive our ladies holiday, whether its a seasonal change or when we travel to different climates. How can we find a balance and a grounding when we feel these changes happen?

Being respectful to yourself, listening to your body and knowing what is right for you at
that very moment, not forcing and letting go…I always say less is more…


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